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Fabulous Frosty-one that's all healthy and makes you giggle.

I have been working for a bit now to perfect my 'Frosty' recipe for those of us who sometimes long for a treat nostalgically remembered.  If you are like me, when you indulge-well- 1) you are disappointed because your taste has changed,  and 2) if you keep consuming it anyway, you feel perfectly dreadful.  So now, you can have your treat and feel energized, healthy and not in any way bogged down by a load of stuff your digestive system does NOT want to deal with!

This whole process started with the post I did inspired by Eva Rawposa, over at Uncooking 101.  I have added some ingredients that give me more of a 'treat' feel when I am drinking it and now it fully satisfies my quest for a cold, dairy free, sugar free, raw summer 'Frosty'.  Stay tuned, the recipe follows soon.